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PSC League Rules


This prestigious Turkey Cup trophy and Gold Chain is awarded to the member who earns the highest number of points from tournaments during the course of the PSC calendar season.  

The GOTY competition is based upon a player's net finish in each event, using the following point system: 


1100 points for 1st, 1000 points for T-2nd, 900 points for T-3rd, 800 points for T-4th, 700 points for T-5th, 600 points for T-6th, 500 points for T-7th, 400 points for T-8th, 300 points for T-9th, and 200 points for T-10th. 100 points are awarded for participation, so the entire field of every tournament automatically gets 100 points.


The Turkey Cup Qualifier will be an invite only event based on ranking and members last chance to qualify for the Turkey Cup Finals which will feature the Top 15 finishers from the season in the playoff for the Golfer of The Year. 


$50 from each member’s yearly fee will be allocated to the Golfer of the Year pot. $3 from each entry fee for individual tournaments will be allocated to the Golfer of the Year pot. 

Any member who qualifies for the Turkey Cup Finals will receive a payout. Escalating payouts for order of finish. IE First place $1500 … 15th Place $150 (Depending on the pot)


Every tournament acknowledges three flights. Gross, Net, & Womens. The winner of each flight is awarded the Airplane Chain for one month until they pass it on to the winner of the next event. 

Net Flight is the most heavily weighted flight and is the only one that is counted for the Turkey Cup - Golfer of The Year race.

Additionally each tournament has its own proprietary trophy awarded to the Net winner for one year. 

At the end of the season, the players with the most points in Gross and Women’s will be awarded the airplane chain. 

The winner of the Turkey Cup will be awarded the airplane chain for the Net.

The Low Gross and the Low Women for the season will take home $750 each. Winner is determined by points. 

The rest of the pot is allocated to the Net Flight.


To be eligible for PSC Tournaments, a player must:

  • be an official member,
  • have an established low index,
  • must be a member in good standing of PSC,


    Fees will vary depending on the event.  Prices are set by the board and clearly stated, tournament by tournament, on the website.  


    Failure to withdraw within 10 Days of an PSC Event held at a LA City Golf Course will result in the forfeiture of your signup fee.

    Withdrawals outside of 48 hours will NOT be refunded. Withdrawals inside 9-3 days MUST have a replacement player to receive refund.

    All refunds will be issued post event and subject to a $5.00 processing fee that the club gets charged for from the transaction processor.

    PSC plays Rain or Shine - No refunds day of unless course is closed or cances event